Services we offer

Complete Turn-Key Asset Management Platform

The Wealth Advisory Group empowers advisors to gather assets and focus on spending time with their client’s while enabling them to grow their business. Through our Registered Investment Advisor Capital Asset Advisory Services LLC, advisor’s receive the following benefits:


We provide our advisors with a technology platform we believe is crucial for a financial advisor in today’s industry. We utilize industry leaders such as Envestnet, Riskalyze, and Docusign to optimize advisor efficiency. When an advisor joins the Wealth Advisory Group they are given access to performance reporting, client proposal generation, online client portal experience, advisor portfolio model design, and many more added benefits.

Wealth Advisory Group Support Team

Our dedicated home office staff is able and willing to provide personalized support to our network of advisors and staff. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service to our network and focus on building long term relationships with each office.

Managed Portfolios

Wealthmark - The WealthMark Program has been designed to connect you with professional in-house money managers and investment vehicles suitable for your financial circumstances and investment objectives. WealthMark portfolios provide comprehensive asset management solutions for the individual investor.

Optimark - The Optimark Program is a solution designed for high net worth individual investors. Optimark gives individual investors institutional building blocks that historically have only been offered to the large institutions on a low cost competitive platform.


In an environment where regulations and standards are constantly updating and changing, the Wealth Advisory Group has designed a process to ensure our advisor’s are developing the best practices within their firms. Our compliance structure has been designed so many experienced professionals (five levels) are included in the compliance decisions our firm makes. We encourage advisors to use our resources for any compliance concerns, open collaboration between our home office and advisor network allows us to better navigate compliance standards in today’s industry.

Another additional benefit to our structure is E&O costs along with state registration fees are covered by the Wealth Advisory Group


Trading - Our managed portfolios are traded and rebalanced on your behalf.

Billing - Our service team calculates and bills your client’s accounts quarterly saving the advisor more time to meet with their client’s. Each advisor receives a breakdown of the fees collected during that billing period for further transparency.